Welcome to Loops-N-More!

We are very excited that we are now open for business.  We look forward to providing quality products and great customer service.  73 and may God Bless you and yours.

12 Responses to “Welcome to Loops-N-More!”

  1. Bob Spearman-K4NCT:

    Congratulations for acquiring Norm’s Loops and carrying on a fine built and great performing variety of loop antennas.I have nothing but good reports from every amateur that owns one.A very neat and quality built loop that can withstand the elements and perform as well.Look forward to buying more of your loops and would reccomend your products to all amateurs.I have had both the six meters and the two meters with no problems ever.Keep up the good work and keep this fine product available and consider a ten meter antenna in your future expansions.

  2. Bill:


    Thanks for the support and comment. It is our number one priority to provide quality built loops.

    We are looking into a 10 meter loop, but I can’t promise you will make one available. We will let everyone know.

    Thanks again for the support Bob!

    Bill, AD0CW

  3. Michel VE2TH:

    Hi! Bill,

    Congratulations for acquiring the norm’s company, I hav e one 6 meter loop for years, and love it, I use it mobile/portable and at home during the cold season.

    I would like very much to have a ten meter one like this, can you consider a ten meter antenna in your future expansions ??

    Keep on the very good, and will pass the word around here in my area.

    Best 73, Michel VE2TH

  4. Bill:


    Thanks for the well wishes and the support.

    We are considering a 10 meter loop, but I can’t promise you. Keep an eye on the website where we will announce any new products.

    Thanks again Michel and 73!

    Bill, AD0CW


  5. KF6GZX:


    Imagine my surprise when I discovered you site! I used to live a few blocks from Norm (in Carson City) and have a few of his original antennas. Please let me know if/when you do a 10m loop or start experimenting with loop yagi’s (or other designs).

    73 de KF6GZX

  6. Bill:


    I’m so glad you found the website. I wish I could have known Norm personally. I will let you know of any new designs – I for sure will announce them on the website. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting Mike.

    73! Bill

  7. K1VHR:

    Hi…I have been looking for a good quality 2 meter and 6 meter loop or halo. I think I have found it here.

    73 Gordon

  8. Bill:


    Tnx for the vote of confidence. We pride ourselves in providing a quality product.

    73, Bill!

  9. Dick:

    Bill: The craftmanship and peformance of your 2 and 6 meter loops is just superb.
    Glad to have them in my amateur system. Dick

  10. Bill:

    Tnx Dick. I really appreciate the feedback and your support.

  11. n7dma:

    Hi, Bill:

    Just wanted to post a comment about how pleased I am with your 2 meter phasing harness. I mounted my two 2 meter loops in my attic, and connected them to the harness. Made a huge difference on our local 2 meter SSB net last night, and an added plus is that I didn’t have to wriggle myself into the attic for any additional adjustments!

    FB replacement for the lost harness I purchased for my loops when I ordered them from Norm 10 or more years ago.

    TNX for carrying on the product line. Well built, wonderful customer service, and great performing products!

    73, and HNY to you and yours!


  12. Bill:

    Hello Karl! Tnx for the kind words and the feedback – I really appreciate it. Integrity, Customer Service and Quality are the guide posts for the way we conduct our business. Please make sure you let me know if you ever have any questions or comments. Tnx again Karl and 73!