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  • About the Company

    Loops-N-More LLC manufactures VHF amateur radio loops. A family owned business, we just recently retired and wanted to do something in our retirement to keep our hands and minds active and have fun doing it. Amateur Radio has been a great source of enjoyment, so why not tie a business and the hobby together

    The main product we are manufacturing and marketing are VHF loops. We acquired the exclusive manufacturing rights from Norm Pedersen's family to manufacture and sell the KB6KQ loops. The loops are a proven design and we pride ourselves in providing a quality antenna that will give years of great service.

    The guiding principles for our business is first Integrity, customer service, and quality.

    Thanks, 73 and God Bless!


    Psalm 91:2

  • Products

    We currently offer 3 half-wave halo designs based on the KB6KQ Loops. Norm did a great job with the loops and we are going to carry on his work:

    1. 1.25m loop,
    2. 2m loop,
    3. 6m loop

    They are manufactured using 6061 and 6063 aluminum and stainless steel hardware. They are designed for low SWRs and broad bandwidths at ‘weak-signal’ (CW/SSB) frequencies as outlined by the ARRL Band Plan. They can be used either for mobile or fixed operations.

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